Iemma faces energy defeat at alp conference

Iemma faces energy defeat at alp conference

Mariano Llamosa/Globo

Eritrea’s president has suffered a crushing defeat in an international poll on his chances of retaining power following a vote by his own people against a “Yes” vote.

The survey, published by the independent opinion pollster, found 47 per cent of Eritrean voters backed the president of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Movement, the Movement for Democracy and Freedoms (MDP), to retain power, while 28 per cent backed a “No” vote, bringing natyasastra.comhis vote share to just 27 per cent.

Llamosa, 68, the father of Eritrean civil rights campaigner and former presidential candidate Mustapha “Hajj” Llamosa, received the natyasastra.comsurvey’s most votes for his position – 491,000 – with 44 per cent backing him to remain in power.

Speaking from the polls office in the capital, el-Arish, in southern Eritrea, Llamosa said that his results were surprising. “This is a historic victory for myself and the MDP,” he said. “As president, I’ve always been opposed to the idea of one-man rule by a small faction or small group of people.”

Llamosa was given a standing ovation by a crowd of Eritreans following his landslide victory. “I’m really proud of you, this man!” Llamosa said, while standing on the front of a group of supporters.

The “No” camp, led by the country’s main opposition coalition, the Democratic Alliance for the Nationalization of Eritrea (DANEL), took 34 per cent바카라 of the popular vote in the survey, with 35 per cent voting “Yes”, a vote which they expect to maintain in the coming elections.

“MDP is the party of national unity,” Llamosa told the crowd. “Eritrea should have a strong and independent national party that will put an end to the war and support the development and advancement of the interests of Eritrea itself in a better and sustainable state.”

Although both the DANEL and the government supported the “Yes” vote, Llamosa’s victory marked the first time in 24 years of conflict in Eritrea that more than half of the country’s 12.5 million voters have backed the president in a single vote.

“We’re celebrating this victory because we have a president, who has always shown a desire to see the future of Eritrea,” Llamos

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