Voters in key seats want abbott poll shows

Voters in key seats want abbott poll shows

Abbott has been polling strongly in Sydney and Melbourne, although the Liberals are making good use of the ABC survey and have made gains among young voters.

Mr Abbott’s poll numbers have slumped in the lead-up to the election following the revelation that he was not present when Australian intelligence had conducted a covert operation in 2013 to target senior Liberals from western Sydney.

Mr Abbott denied his involvement in the operation on ABC radio on Monday, saying he was “accused”.

The revelation has led to questions in several conservative media outlets over whether Mr Abbott was a supporter of the operation, or if his son, Josh, is involved with it.

Mr Abbott has repeatedly denied any involvement in the operation, saying his son was “somewhere in a natyasastra.comnumber of different ways. Whether it was working with his father for the past several years or not it is a lot less serious than… being a spy”.

ABC’s political editor, George Christensen, on the Monday night interview, said he agreed that the “dissension between Malcolm and Tony” was “entirely understandable”.

“But what it is really important for us to remember here is the fact that the election is still eight months away… and it was in fact, until this revelation, something that most people believed was a secret government operation,” he said.

“Now, it may be it’s just a very tight race, but the fact is the voters are우리카지노 looking at a future where we’re at least looking at the Abbott government and you might be going,바카라사이트 is that the Abbott government really the new Abbott?”


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